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DZDR-P thermal conductivity tester(Constant temperature)

Test range:
Single material: foam plastics (other flat surface insulation material, plate), polyurethane, phenol, urine aldehyde, mineral wool (glass cotton, rock wool, mineral wool), cement wall
Composite materials: glass composite CRC, cement enhanced polyphony board, sandwich concrete, fiber glass panel composite plate, paper cellular plate

Technical parameters:
Biggest test pieces size
Long * width * thick: 300 * 300 * 50mm
The precision of temperature control: 0.05 ℃
Resolution: 0.01 ℃
The maximum hot plate set temperature: 80 ℃
Minimum of cooling-plate set temperature: room temperature
Measuring precision: 3%
Coefficient of thermal conductivity measuring range: 0.010 ~ 5.000 w (k.m)
Power supply: AC 220V

Instrument characteristics:
1. The surface temperature is even and accurate. 
Using large block purple COINS as Temperature profile board in the design to improve the consistency of the surface temperature of the test sample.
2. Advanced control system.
It can control the temperature quickly and steadily.
3. Friendly human-machine interface
Both cold and hot plate temperature and heat flux power can be intuitively displayed by large screen LCD.
4. Simple operation.
Electric mobile splint and clamping force LCD can be adjusted,
Insulation door can be shut down automatically after sample installation in place
5. Intelligent data processing.
Highly automated computer data communication and report processing system,
Flat thermal conductivity meter has computer communication interface, which can display temperature curve in real time.
6. Automatically generate test report and print.
 There are test records, data processing and report format in the software, which can issue the experiment report automatically.

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